Molded Tube and Rod

APAFLON® Molded Tubes and Rods are produced by a manufacturing process in which the pre-forming and sintering of PTFE are carried out in separate steps.

Specializing in the production of high quality APAFLON® Molded Tubes and Rods, we offer a wide range of products in alloys, diameters and lengths suitable for today’s modern machining techniques.
In APAMEYA’s standard productions, APAFLON® Molded Tubes and Rods start with min. 25mm outside diameter and can be produced in different intermediate sizes up to 500mm outside diameter as filled and hollow. For diameters over 500mm, special production is available. Although APAFLON® Molded Tubes and Rods have a very wide and varied diameter range for production, they are more limited for product lengths. In standard production, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm Tubes can be produced up to 450mm in length using special production techniques and equipment.

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 Molded Tubes and Rods

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